Scale API

Our public API can connect your software directly to data collected with Loadman on-board scale systems. Track your trucks in real time, download data for reports or inject data directly into another application, Scale API is your instant connection to your data.

Scale API is Loadman’s public REST web service that is capable of delivering all data recorded with Loadman systems for use with any reporting or software for your company. With our robust API, you can instantly download all load records, GPS data or anything else important to you. This data can be customized however you want and can be filtered in many different ways including by truck, driver and time. For most resources this API returns data as a JSON object. Some endpoints can be configured to return a CSV data file.

Scale Api uses OAuth 2.0 Authorization. After registering your organization, users create (or acquire an existing) OAuth token. That token allows users to access their data within a defined scope. The data is protected by SSL when it is sent or uploaded, to ensure the integrity of your data.