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Load Management Software

In-Cab Software:

Manage your fleet, routes, loads and so much more in real time with LoadManager, our flagship software for load management. With our on-board scales or without, LoadManager quickly and accurately delivers your company valuable data that can be accessed anywhere.

Our tablet-based software offers both a useful interface for your drivers, and a powerful data collection tool for your company. We have designed our software with the driver in mind, allowing for as little interaction as possible while still delivering robust and accurate data.

Loadman Spotlight

Scale API

Spotlight is a powerful cloud-based web application for in-depth analysis of data from loadman on-board scale systems. Examine diversion rates, route density and generate custom reports with the click of a button. Spotlight will give your company a new level of insight into your data. 

Our public API can connect your software directly to data collected with Loadman on-board scale systems. Track your trucks in real time, download data for reports or inject data directly into another application, Scale API is your instant connection to your data.