Dump Truck

Accurate Custom On-Board Weigh Scales for Every Truck Application

Each LoadMan system is custom designed around the dump truck body manufacture.
In 2018 US aggregate dump trucking companies accounted for a 19-billion-dollar industry. There were close to 28,000 dump truck companies operating in the US employing approximately 100,000 people. In 2017 the industry cost per hour to operate a solo dump truck, according the data produced by Hopper & Murry, the average cost per mile was $1.38. This cost would vary based upon geographical region and economic factors. Statistics indicate, the average cost to deliver gravel is about 10 to 50 dollars per ton or $1,350.00 per truck load. The average solo dump truck gets 5 to 6 miles per gallon and the cost of running a solo dump truck is over $80.00 dollars an hour.

Additionally, dump truck legal gross weight 55,000 lbs loaded to 100% times 275 tons hauled weekly, equals $5,480.00 in profits and lost profits per week at 0%. Trucks loaded to only 52,000 lbs averages 260 ton hauled weekly with profits of $5,200.00. These figures can translate into lost profits of $15,600.00 annually per solo dump truck. Maximizing payload while eliminating overweight trucks and not underloading is a must.

As early as the fall of 1996, LoadMan recognized the need for onboard scales for dump trucks. At the time, there were no viable onboard payload solutions available for dump trucks. LoadMan understood any viable payload solution would require providing individual axle groups and total gross weight. We also understood a viable solution would require designing custom load cell pins to fit existing OEM original dimensional design. This would eliminate the need to fabricate and allow for quick onsite installation, while also not adding any additional time for trucks going through truck-build at the factory. Each LoadMan system is custom designed around the dump truck body manufacture.