Load Manager is a comprehensive data management tool that is capable of importing and maintaining routes, as well as tracking your vehicles in real time. With Loadman on-board scales and LoadManager, you can access, maintain and export your data, from anywhere in the world.

Cloud-Based Real-Time Data
With the Loadman scales weigh-in-motion system, all loads can be automatically detected and uploaded to the cloud without any input needed from your vehicle operator. Each and every load pickup that your vehicles perform can be viewed and exported in real time. The loads can include all relevant data such as weight, customer, GPS location and time of pickup. This data can be customized to whatever best fits your business’s needs. Once the data has been uploaded, which can be instant, LoadManager can be used to check and analyze your data at a glance.

Easy Route Management
With Load manager, your routes and customers can easily be imported, edited and modified to work with the loadman scale system. You can either use our tools to help change your routes, or manage them yourself and easily import them with the click of a button. The routes can be used to help your drivers know where to go throughout the day, or to help the Loadman scale system identify customers. Each route stop can also be geofenced to allow for automatic detection of customers.

Driver Data and Asset Management
Loadmanager makes it incredibly easy to manage and maintain a wide variety of data relating to your business. You add a list of drivers to associate with any data record. The driver’s identity can be guaranteed by optionally giving them a password to log into our system. You can also keep track of any assets such as roll off containers or commercial bins. Lastly, any problems that occur that might have prevented a pickup can be defined, recorded and identified.

Real-Time GPS Tracking
You can also use Loadmanager to track your vehicles in real time. Using our GPS technology and Google Maps, the location of your vehicle can be recorded on an interval of your choosing. If there is an internet connection for your Loadman scale system, all data can instantly be plotted on our map for easy analysis. This includes all data records such as load pickups, landfill dumps and other events.