Loadman On-Board Scales are specifically Designed, Built and Tested for Every Truck Application and Environment

Purpose Driven Design is Our Heritage

Custom design is our engineering heritage. Over 34 years ago Creative Microsystems (LoadMan’s parent company) began its business by supplying custom engineered designs of electronic and loadcell solutions to fit a multitude of Weighing Applications. Today LoadMan provides custom weighing solutions to thousands of customers in multiple industries. The process starts with a phone call to define the system you are looking for. Our engineers will go to work on applying our knowledge gained over many years to design systems to meet your need. Also, with our extensive loadcell designs in our inventory, many times we have a previously engineered part that will fit your application.

Creative Microsystems will custom engineer an entire on-board scale system, from loadcells, to custom in-cab computer applications, to back office LoadMan Load Management Cloud Software. Our mission today is to design an entire weighing solution to meet your specific requirements. We strive to make our customers happy and satisfied

Typical Custom Screw-in Loadcell Available Now