Concrete Mixer Truck

Accurate Custom On-Board Weigh Scales for Every Truck Application

LoadMan utilizes a proprietary software program that uniquely determines changes in center of gravity corrections during discharge of material, in addition to loading capacities.

The Challenge
Ready-mix concrete is a perishable product, which involves inherent challenges in order to give your customer a quality pour. Transporting ready mix concrete is not unlike walking a tight rope. Every step in the process must happen seamlessly. You need to make sure that the water-cement ratio, slump, air content, and homogeneity are not modified from their intended states. Delivery times are crucial, because the material will turn solid up to two hours after the batching process, rendering it unusable. Load accuracy is also an important factor, regardless of whether loading or unloading material.

LoadMan on-board scales for concrete mixer trucks provide accurate load data on the amount to cement in drums. LoadMan can provide amount of cement discharged in real time, while also providing the amount of cement carry-back still left in drums. Although there have been onboard scales designed for concrete mixer trucks, none have been very  accurate due to several reasons. As material is off-loaded, there is a center gravity change in the drums, which other systems could not accurately measure.

The Solution
LoadMan concrete mixer truck scales are highly accurate, dependable, and durable. Three bearing points carry the entire load measured in the drums. System uses a load cell beam at front of drum and two patented custom designed load cell pins for the rollers. LoadMan utilizes a proprietary software program that determines changes in center of gravity corrections during discharged of material. The average weight per cubic yard is just over 4000 lbs, this can vary based on type of concrete. For customers where operators are discharging only a few yards per stop, our accurate custom on-board weigh scales help cement truck companies to control cost and track load data in real time for each stop.