About Loadman

“Our Goal has always been to meet our customer’s expectations and make them happy.”

Creative Microsystems has been providing precision On-Board Truck Weighing Solutions since it was founded in 1987. In the early days, we were designing, manufacturing and supplying our On-Board Electronics to several different OEM manufacturers in North America and Europe. As time went on, we started designing and supplying complete custom On-Board Weighing System Solutions for a variety of unique industries in several different countries that included Off Road to On Road On-Board Applications. Over these years our hardware designers and software developers have developed more and more versatile expertise allowing our On-Board Weighing solutions to fit a growing multitude of Trucks ranging from small Refuse Cart Lifter Scales to huge Mining Trucks measuring payloads from 1 or 2 LB’s to payloads up to 500,000 LB’s. Most of our systems just replace existing parts on the Truck with little Truck Modifications to the factory Truck Configuration so installation of our systems are usually easy and straight forward. All of our systems are designed to achieve the upper end of Accuracy and Repeatability.

Today, we complement our On-Board Weighing Solutions to include sophisticated yet intuitively easy to operate Cloud Software that allow our systems to deliver data to the drivers of the vehicles plus collect all the Load Data retrieved in the field to the Cloud. This allows our users to access their data in real time by simply using standard Browsers anywhere in the world with internet access. Virtually all of our Weighing Applications use standard Android Tablets and Phones making the Weighing Systems UI most intuitive and easy to operate while allowing powerful, low cost and reliable access to our internet cloud servers.

Our goal has always been to meet our customer’s expectations and make them happy. We have always strived to make that a reality and have made this our guiding principle since the company was founded. It has been my pleasure and joy to serve as President since Creative Microsystems was founded. The experience has been like watching a child grow up into most productive adult. It has been a most rewarding and joyful lifetime experience serving our customers.

Larry Santi