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Recommendation for purchase of LOADMAN CAT 776D Coal Hauler Payload Monitoring System

By Tony Knutson Fuel Supply.

Inconsistent loading of the 776D coal hauler fleet has been the catalyst for reduced productivities and increased failure frequency on wheel group components caused by overloading. The ability to produce repeatable and consistent payloads would help manage these issues. Payload monitoring would offer a solution to the problem of inconsistent loading. The opportunity presented itself to investigate payload monitoring technologies. After researching the marketplace, a promising system was located. The system, involving precise loadcells and a display computer unit, proved itself to be accurate, repeatable and durable enough for a test run. It was determined that one coal hauler would be tested over a month to two month period. Initial results which compared the systems readings to a weigh scale readings saw the payload monitoring system measurements within 1.2% of the scale, on average. The two months of data collection proved the systems ability to collect data that was useful in determining overloading and underloading situations. A wireless display for loaders was also explored. This option helped the loader operator load the trucks more efficiently. Weigh scale comparisons and a month and half of field-testing have proved that the system is an asset and should be purchased for the test coal hauler.

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