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The Waste Diversion Solution – Waste Measurement Automation

On-board Truck Scales with service location detection and waste data reporting software are available today:

– On-board truck scales – weigh-in-motion front-end loaders (FELs), rear loaders, side loaders, weigh-in-motion cart tippers, Curotto Cans, roll-offs
– Service pick-up location capabilities (GPS or RFID)
– Automatically weigh every bin
– Detect waste/service type
– GPS location – service, customer and truck record truck, route and driver
– Detect regions, zones and municipal boundaries
– Time/date stamp of every pick-up

These same on-board scales will alert drivers when their trucks are full to achieve complete vehicle efficiency; without over/under loading. (More about on-board scales in our next post.)

Software Automation is Key

Software is crucial to managing the goldmine of waste weight data records and providing waste diversion reports at any time, and at any level.  For example, if a city is using five trucks, each with two routes per day, five days per week, and 500 customers per route, then the operations team will receive 25,000 data records each week. And these data records contain all of the location, waste and customer information described in the previous paragraph.

Load management analytic software not only provides simplified reports, but also triggers alarms that require management attention.

All automatic; and all available today from LoadMan On-Board Truck Scales:

– Front Loaders
– Cart Tippers
– Side Loaders
– Roll-offs and Hook-lift
– Rear Loaders.

Ideal Load Management Software

– Simple to integrate with on-board scale sensors
– Automatically identify each load with GPS location or RFID tag – with no driver intervention
– Back-office mapping for tracking routes and identifying cart/bin load status
– Provide data records that identify every load, service and account uniquely
– Automatically filter and analyze data for on-demand reporting such as diversion of commodities for trucks, routes, cities, and even individual customers
– Simple administration for setting warnings and alarms concerning loads that could severely affect diversion and GHG emission goals
– Ability to backup all data and secured 24×7

Anyone who is responsible for sustainability programs in their institution, municipality, business, university or military base should benefit from these postings to further their knowledge of sustainability best practices; especially for waste materials and their effects on environmental sustainability.