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LoadMan® On-Board Scales Save Million$ in Mining Tire Wear and Replacement

Tire life has a major impact on a mine’s bottom line

With an average cost of $50,000 per tire and each haul truck using six tires, you’ve invested a third of a million dollars just to keep one truck moving and productive. Even a small increase in tire life adds up to significant savings for a mine. The real-time, 98% accuracy of LoadMan loadcell scale technology prevents overloading; a major contributor to premature tire failure.

Calculate the savings
The savings quickly add up across your fleet with even modest improvements in tire life.

Studies on tire wear predict that mining truck tires need to be replaced every 7-9 months on average. Tire life can be significantly extended if haulers aren’t overloaded. LoadMan eliminates costly overloads. Increase your tire wear by just 10%, and you’ll save $50,000 per hauler every year multiplied across your fleet.