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DSC03589By Alan Housley / VP Marketing / LoadMan On-Board Truck Scales

This is in response to an article just published by Environmental Leadership: “Can Waste Management Save the Recycling Industry?”

It appears that the Recycling (and Waste) Industry have lost control of their business models – especially with commodities. We will achieve the circular economy someday. But given the current atmosphere, don’t assume that achievement will be led from the W&R industry leadership.

There is going to be a tsunami sea-change in the near future as we flip the leadership to the consumers – municipalities, cities, campuses, military bases, corporate campuses, corporate real estate, shopping malls, etc. These customers are very serious about Zero Waste and reducing their carbon footprint. The W&R winners will be those who are listening and making adjustments. When we speak to groups about W&R Data Automation “From Cart to Report”, we many times arm our audience with: “Be prepared to pay to play; or you’ll be getting in your competitor’s way”. Automated data acquisition trucks, software, analytics and reporting are absolutely necessary to meet their customer’s needs – accurate and timely data.

This sea change will also require a share of leadership from original product producers as they’re also listening to their customers. How to build products so there is nothing to throw away – all part of the circular economy! As a great example, it takes me 90 seconds to change an HP Laser Printer toner cartridge, box up the old, close the package and slap on a UPS label. 90 seconds! HP understands the customer and has responded at the front end of the circular economy.

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