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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Municipalities across the country have been developing sustainability strategies and tactics to reduce MSW dumped in landfills and increase residential and commercial recycling and organic material that is delivered to Material Reclamation Facilities (MRFs). This whole process is commonly known as Waste Diversion. The ultimate goal of many cities and towns is to achieve ZERO waste – or 100% diversion.

LoadMan On-Board Scales combined with LoadMan’s Load Management software allow municipalities to fully automate the measurements needed to track waste diversion. On-board scales for automatic measurement of every cart/bin. Wireless communications for transmitting load records to the public works offices. LoadMan Load Management software for filtering, analyzing and reporting of nearly any waste activity.

  • average weight density (pounds/yard, kilos/liter) per customer
  • over or under loaded trucks
  • diversion rates from MSW to recycling and organics
  • the list goes on-and-on.

With ZERO Waste goals across the nation, accurate and timely data is required. LoadMan has all you need to weigh, measure and report your way to ZERO Waste.



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LoadMan Load Management Software

Transform Weight into Business Intelligence

Our software fits right into your back offices' existing data platform providing your waste management directors with real-time data and custom reports to make timely and profitable business decisions. More...


LoadMan has Your On-Board Truck Scale for Virtually any Truck and Load Application

Organic Rendering

Organic Rendering

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