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Weigh Your Progress to Zero Waste

A zero waste mandate is driving waste diversion programs with our U.S. military. The "Net Zero Initiative" is a strategy for managing energy, water, and waste at US ARMY installations. Waste diversion programs are crucial for the Net Zero Waste Initiative.

LoadMan On-Board Scales for Waste & Recycling Trucks allow our military bases to measure the waste and recycling diversion for every bin, barrack, office and the entire base. Our scales can be found at military bases across the U.S. Furthermore, several key bases are using LoadMan scales and LoadMan Load Manager software as demonstration/pilot facilities for other bases to learn from, copy and deploy.

The U.S. Military has set an incredibly aggressive goal to achieve zero waste by the year 2020. LoadMan scales and software provide the automation to measure and track progress to this outstanding goal.



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LoadMan Load Management Software

Transform Weight into Business Intelligence

Our software fits right into your back offices' existing data platform providing your waste management directors with real-time data and custom reports to make timely and profitable business decisions. More...


LoadMan has Your On-Board Truck Scale for Virtually any Truck and Load Application

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