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Load Management Is Another Word for Profitability

Improve profitability and productivity by including LoadMan Load Management Software. This is must-have software when you need accountability of loads especially when managing a fleet of haulers. Our software fits right into your back office's existing data platform, providing your fleet managers with real-time data and custom reports to make timely and profitable business decisions.LoadMan's Load Management Software allows remote tracking of trucks, drivers, customers, routes and products by account or job. Route lists are created with the software and downloaded to the LoadMan in-cab computer. Any recorded load data and/or GPS position data in LoadMan's data collection memory will be automatically transferred to the Load Management Software - without any prompting or intervention from the driver. Let the Driver Drive™ while LoadMan manages the route and data.

Let the Driver Drive™ while LoadMan Manages the Route and Data

GPS position data, combined with Google mapping provides real time tracking and playback of routes traveled by each truck – and with time stamps, the duration to reach a customer and dump the load. With LoadMan’s geo-fencing capability, loads are automatically identified for the driver.

Remote Tracking by Route, Truck, Driver & Account

Automatically tracks routes, vehicle ID, driver ID, and customer accounts Products hauled or delivered – by account or job Load weights, load sites and commodity Truck and load locations by GPS coordinates

Keep Track of Your Assets

Track assets such as roll-off containers at construction sites and commercial bins located anywhere in your region. LoadMan Load Manager Software will not only track current locations, but will keep a history of all drop-offs and pickups - all tied to the correct customer.

Profitability Tool

Having real-time data that can tell you at a glance which trucks and routes are profitable and which are not.

Customized Reports

Track waste diversion rates, route density, weight of each truck and number of trips to the transfer station by truck are just a few examples of custom reports.

Real-Time Data

Using Bluetooth GSM, the LoadMan on-board measurement system on each truck links wirelessly with the LoadMan Load Management Software to upload all the accumulated load, route and customer data in real-time or at the end of the day.