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Real Time Load Accuracy–Be Confident

LoadMan enables precise loading of individual commodities by weight, replacing the old method of loading by volume, eliminating operator guessing. When blends are loaded by weight before arriving at the charge bucket or the melt shop, cycle times are reduced; giving you more heats per shift.

LoadMan Load Management Software is designed for all aspects of the mill: back office, hauling trucks and even in the loaders. Every piece of data from the truck ID, to loader ID, site location commodity piles picked from, product codes, and recipes (when dealing with multiple commodities) can all be viewed and managed using this powerful software platform.

LoadMan Load Management Software

Transform Weight into Business Intelligence

Our software fits right into your back offices' existing data platform providing your waste management directors with real-time data and custom reports to make timely and profitable business decisions. More...



Get More Heats Per Shift

Blends loaded by weight before arriving at the charge bucket or melt shop reduce cycle times.

More Precise Blends

LoadMan Load Management Software provides the tools for precise loading of individual commodities by weight, replacing the old method of loading by volume.

Built for Rugged Conditions

LoadMan on-board scales are built to withstand the punishing conditions of weather and environment-especially for the harsh mill heat and dust.

Software Designed for Steel Mills

LoadMan Load Management Software seamlessly integrates all the information you need: truck ID, loader ID, site location and commodity piles picked from.

Technologies We Use


LoadMan loadcells use a patented technique that measures the weight and bending forces in the exact center of the scale. Our loadcells use an axial design that measures only shear forces (no deflection nor bending forces). This design provides superior twist compensation over standard hinge pins or beam loadcells. Other's standard shear beam loadcells cannot provide this compensation. So what does that mean to you? Superior, Consistent, and Repeatable Accuracy.

LoadMan has been designing custom onboard payload systems for steel mill haul trucks since 1997. Our technology does not utilize strut pressure transducer technology, instead we custom engineer electronic strain gage loadcells. The goal is to replace existing factory parts with load cells with little to no modifying of haul trucks.

These loadcells are designed and engineered for commercial vehicles that carry heavy bulk material. Typical applications use two loadcell pins that replace the truck bed hinge pins, and beam loadcells on the chassis frame. The goal is to weigh the primary load which in most cases is the dump-bed. Analog signals are transmitted to a LoadCoder™ ( A/D converter), which in turn is connected to the in-cab computer/display for viewing and recording load and dump weights in pounds or kilograms.

The LoadMan steel truck loadcells are built using 4340 alloy steel plate. After machining, the loadcell is heat treated to RC40 specifications; providing 180,000psi strength. Each loadcell is also Cadmium plated to resist heavy corrosion from inclement weather and road chemicals.* The dynamic capacity of each loadcell is dependent upon the custom design and weight requirements of the truck. LoadMan has installed steel truck scales that could weigh in excess of 360,000 lbs (163,293 kgs).

* For some loadcells, due to their size, LoadMan will use 4140 alloy steel and Rockwell heat treat to 160,000psi. And due to their size, the loadcells are not plated. Please consult your LoadMan representative for any heat treating and/or plating requirements.

In Cab Computers & Displays

LoadMan LM300 Scale Meter

The LM300 Meter is a single box in-cab computer using proprietary micro-code to typically determine the exact weight of a load within 1%. The LoadMan scale system can be configured for automated weighing and the driver/operator does not have to press any buttons or take any actions to obtain a weight reading on a 16 character LCD display.

The LM300 scale meter interfaces seamlessly with LoadMan Load Management Software for Mining and Steel Mills. Furthermore, LoadMan scales are designed to interface with other on-board computer (OBC) providers and their back office software. Contact your LoadMan representative about any other required OBC devices and back office software.


LoadMan's Load Management (LLM) Software (operating in the back office) allows remote tracking of trucks, drivers, customers, routes and commodities by account or job. The LoadMan LM300 meter communicates data with the LLM software that is written specifically for steel making applications.