Gathers intelligence on organic pick-ups enabling reduced food waste and lower costs

LoadMan’s new CARTel on-board scale system for organics totes and trailers are all equipped with Weigh-in-Motion technology and available with sophisticated data management software tools. CARTel scales are customized for five popular makes and models of organics tote and trailers including: Brown Industrial, Martel, Walinga, Summit and Travis Body and Trailers.

CARTel scales provide haulers with the ability to track weights, density, GPS coordinates or RFID of each customer tote. Cart intelligence gathered through the LoadMan solution informs food waste stream behavior with outcomes that reduce waste while increasing a hauler’s pick-up efficiency. 

Each customer can generate an accurate report of all of their bulk organic pick-ups on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis – all from LoadMan’s Load Management web software. This software combined with LoadMan’s SpotLight™ software provides automated deep-data analytics, flexible reporting and better management of truck routes and individual customers.

U.S Owns Dubious Waste Leadership Position

As presented by the U.S. EPA in its June 2015 Sustainability Report, Americans throw out 36 million tons of food waste each year. 40% of all food produced in the US is never used; this means Americans are wasting roughly $165 billion of food each year. The economic and environmental benefits of food recycling are too great to ignore.

Waste Mandates and Regulations Continue to Increase

Mandatory sustainability recycling programs for food waste are increasing for all major grocery chains, municipalities, universities and military bases. Just as it sounds; zero waste refers to the reduction of landfill waste. Zero waste solutions, decreasing organic waste going in landfills, in turn decreases green-house gas (GHG) emissions released into the environment.


LoadMan Load Management Software

Transform Weight into Business Intelligence

Our software fits right into your back offices' existing data platform providing your waste management directors with real-time data and custom reports to make timely and profitable business decisions. More...


CARTel Scales e-Brochure

CARTel Scales e-Brochure


Weighs Up/Weighs Down

No waiting! LoadMan's true weigh-in-motion technology weighs on the way up and down, without pausing or waiting for lights and alarms unlike its competitors.


Track Your Trucks

Know where every truck is and has been in real-time and have pick-up verification. Provide load weights for every customer, every stop.


Unmatched Accuracy

Organic weight loads are highly accurate – typically achieving 10 to 20 pound accuracies on every lift, regardless of the lift weight.
Brown Industrial

Brown Industrial

Travis Tote Dumper

Travis Body and Trailer




Technologies We Use


The LoadMan organics tote scale pressure transducers are made from 17.4 alloy steel. After machining, the transducers (loadcell) are heat treated to RC40 specifications; providing 180,000psi strength. The pressure transducers have a dynamic capacity of 18,500 pounds (8391kg). Loadcell accuracy is typically within 1% (or 99% accurate).

Operating range of -30 degrees Fahrenheit (-34 Celcius) to 128 degrees Fahrenheit (+53 Celcius).

In-Cab Computer and Display

LoadMan LM300 Scale Meter

The LM300 Meter is a single box computer using proprietary micro-code to determine the exact weight of a load typically within 1%. The computer collects 100 weight samples per second. These samples are then processed with sophisticated analog load and angle curves that reside within the weighing firmware; ultimately providing a single digital load weight. These proprietary load/angle curves were developed over 15 years ago and are continuously refined as new revisions of load and angle sensors are updated with the newest technology.

The LoadMan system is completely automatic and the driver/operator does not have to press any buttons or take any actions to obtain a weight reading. Using the LoadMan LM300 Route Assistant, the 16 character display provides all the information needed to understand the status of the weighing system. For example, the meter automatically provides simple instruction displays, providing the operator feedback during the weigh-in-motion process.

Warranty: Creative Microsystems Inc. (CMI) warrants to the original purchaser of new LoadMan® products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 24 months for electronics.


LoadMan's Load Management Software (operating in the back office) allows remote tracking of trucks, drivers, customers, routes and products by account or job.