Beating the Stringent Requirements of the D.O.D and US Army

LoadMan is proud to have met the stringent and exacting manufacturing supplier specifications required by the US Department of Defense. Our LoadMan on-board truck scales have been installed on over 3,000 of the US Army's Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV). We continue to supply the systems as the Army deploys additional truck fleets around the world.


Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard

Meets stringent manufacturing requirements.

Combating Waste for the U.S. Military

Learn how LoadMan is helping the Department of Defense achieve its Net Zero Waste Program.

Extreme Durability

LoadMan operates reliably and requires minimal services despite the weather and harsh conditions.

99% Accurate

Precision electronics that compute payloads with accuracy over 99% for most applications.


Technologies We Use


LoadMan loadcells use a patented technique that measures the weight and bending forces in the exact center of the steel. Other's loadcells cannot. So what does that mean to you? Superior, Consistent, and Repeatable Accuracy.

LoadMan custom designs dump and tactical military truck loadcells to fit the truck – using original truck bed manufacturing specifications. These loadcells are designed and engineered for military vehicles that carry heavy bulk material. Typical applications use two loadcell pins that replace the truck bed hinge pins. Two pressure transducers are placed on the hydraulic lift. Analog signals are transmitted to a LoadCoder™ ( A/D converter), which in turn is connected to the in-cab computer/display for viewing and recording load and dump weights. 

The LoadMan dump and aggregate truck hinge pin loadcells are built using 4340 alloy steel plate. After machining, each loadcell is heat treated to RC40 specifications; providing 180,000psi strength. Each loadcell is also Zinc/Nickel plated to resist heavy corrosion from inclement weather and road chemicals.

The pressure transducers are built using 17-4 stainless steel with a pressure capacity to measure over 30,000 lbs (13,607 kg) each.

The dynamic capacity of each loadcell is dependent upon the custom design and weight requirements of the truck, but a typical truck weighing capacity can be as high as 120,000lbs (54,431 kg).

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In Cab Computers & Displays

LoadMan LM100/200 Scale Meter

The LM100 or LM200 scale meter is a single box in-cab computer using proprietary micro-code to typically determine the exact weight of a load within 1%. The LoadMan scales system can be configured for automated weighing and the driver/operator does not have to press any buttons or take any actions to obtain a weight reading on a 16 character LCD display.


“Since 2009 over three thousand (3,000) 10T dump trucks have been delivered with the Creative Micro-Systems Inc LOADMAN system installed. Several thousand dump cycles were demonstrated to validate the LOADMAN load management system at Aberdeen Proving Grounds (APG) and Yuma Proving Grounds (YPG). The LOADMAN demonstrated the ability to measure the payload weight to within one percent (1%) accuracy with...

Pasquale Moceri

U.S. Army TACOM, Medium Tactical Vehicles Engineering