Aggregate On-Board Truck Scales

Avoid Overload Fees!

Drive with confidence knowing your load is within the safe legal limit. LoadMan on-board scales weighs your load in real-time, every time.

We build onboard scale solutions for these dump bodies manufacturers. These custom onboard scales require no customization of your truck. Dump bodies that are on Caterpillar, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, Reliance, Volvo, Western Star and other Class 7 and Class 8 trucks, pup trailers and transfer trailers:


Beau Roc
Beall Truck Weld
Columbia Bodies
Crysteel Manufacturing
General Truck Bodies
K-Line Truck Bodies
Northend Truck Bodies
Ox Bodies
Pioneer Truck Weld
Reliance Sturdy Weld
Schloth Truck Equipment


Concrete On-Board Truck Scales

Know Your Load and Know Your Carry Back Load

We know that the more you haul, the more you earn. LoadMan speeds up ROI by helping each driver maximize payloads, without risking overloading. It eliminates overload fines and prevents out-of-area driving to avoid scales.

Three bearing points carry the entire load of the tub. Our patented load cells replace factory pins in the two roller bearings. Then we modified the front pedestal to accommodate one thin load cell which carries the weight in the front. This solution produces repeatable results with 99% accuracy and helps contractors control costs.

Technologies We Use


LoadMan Loadcells use a patented technique that measures the weight and bending forces in the exact center of the scale. Our loadcells use our axial design that measures only shear forces (no deflection nor bending forces). This design provides superior twist compensation over standard hinge pins or beam load cells. Other's standard shear beam loadcells cannot provide this compensation. So what does that mean to you? Superior, Consistent, and Repeatable Accuracy.

LoadMan custom designs dump and aggregate truck loadcells to fit the truck – using original truck bed manufacturing specifications. These loadcells are designed and engineered for commercial vehicles that carry heavy bulk material. Typical applications use two loadcell pins that replace the truck bed hinge pins. A third hinge pin loadcell is placed at the base of the hydraulic lift. Analog signals are transmitted to a LoadCoder™ ( A/D converter), which in turn is connected to the in-cab computer/display for viewing and recording load and dump weights in pounds or kilograms.

The LoadMan dump and aggregate truck loadcells are built using 4340 alloy steel plate. After machining, the loadcell is heat treated to RC40 specifications; providing 180,000psi strength. Each loadcell is also Cadmium plated to resist heavy corrosion from inclement weather and road chemicals. The dynamic capacity of each loadcell is dependent upon the custom design and weight requirements of the truck, but a typical truck weighing capacity can be as high as 60,000lbs (30 tons).

In Cab Computers & Displays

LoadMan LM300 Scale Meter

The LM300 Meter is a single box in-cab computer using proprietary micro-code to determine the exact weight of a load within 1% (typically). The LoadMan scale system can be configured for automated weighing and the driver/operator does not have to press any buttons or take any actions to obtain a weight reading on a 16 character LCD display.

For our three point load cell configuration on dump trucks, drivers must perform a lift-to-weigh procedure to display the weight. The system will than automatically display axle-1 steer axle, axle-2 driver axle, and the total truck gross weight. All LoadMan scale systems for dump trucks come with our proprietary axle math software. And each scale meter has built in diagnostic/troubleshooting software that informs the operator with necessary error messages.


“We’ve been using LoadMan on-board scales for over 20 years and we’ve come to rely on LoadMan for its accuracy and time savings.  My customers want 32 tons loaded on a 32 ton truck, and getting the right load means I have a happy customer. We consistently find we are accurate within 20 pounds, which is more than 99% accurate!  I...

Ray Mohoff, President

R Transport