The Most Accurate On-Board Truck Scales in the Industry

LoadMan’s highly accurate on-board scales can be easily installed in any sized truck for any industry. LoadMan is a global leader in on-board weighing solutions unsurpassed for accuracy, ruggedness and customer service. Our complete, integrated weighing solutions include rugged loadcell sensors, precision electronics, in-cab computers to guide drivers, wireless connectivity, GPS tracking and Google mapping technology, and LoadMan Load Management software that easily integrates with almost any accounting software.

 LoadMan has a near 30-year track record in superior weighing solutions with more than 20,000 installations worldwide. Our state-of-the-art weighing solutions are developed in partnership with the industry’s leading OEMs like McNeilus, Heil, Wayne Engineering, Scranton Manufacturing, Labrie and Curotto.

LoadMan Has Your On-Board Truck Scales for Virtually Any Truck and Load Application

Organic Rendering

Organic Rendering