TRUX Business Solutions – LoadMan Seamless Hardware/Software Solution

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LoadMan has partnered with TRUX Business Solutions to provide a seamless end-to-end scale and software solution delivering accurate, real-time customer, load and route data to the driver and back-office instantly for Waste and Recycling haulers and customers.

TRUX Haul-IT is the complete operational and financial management solution for waste & recycling haulers. Haul-IT provides comprehensive routing, dispatch, scheduling, billing, collection and sales reporting tools to deliver the key information critical to succeeding in your competitive business environment.

  • Dynamic communication with your fleet. 
  • Route and work completion information communicated real time
  • Capture container movements real time so inventory is current
  • Enter Front Load Weights and Disposal Tickets
  • Google Maps™ Navigation
  • Signature Capture for Work Orders
  • Create service issues with pictures