Soft-Pak Software Solutions – Seamless Integration with LoadMan On-Board Scales

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soft-pak logoLoadMan has partnered with Soft-Pak Software Solutions to provide a seamless end-to-end scale and software solution delivering accurate, real-time customer, load and route data to the driver and back-office instantly.

Soft-Pak is a complete software solution that delivers customer service, billing, routing and operational oversight for today’s competitive waste and recycling businesses. Whether you are in the industry top 20 or a mid-sized hauler with multiple locations; Soft-Pak effectively manages your day to day operations allowing you to do more while using fewer resources. The Soft-Pak solution is scalable, flexible and easy to use. With an open architecture that offers unmatched features and controls with a level of simplicity management and staff will appreciate every day.

With Soft-Pak’s Mobile-Pak solution, drivers can easily view and scroll through their route list, update stop activity, and receive dispatched work in real time. Route information is easily entered via a drop down selection that instantly transmits data back to the main office. Driver activities and their GPS locations are sent to customer service or dispatching and displayed via Google Maps™. All information flows back to Soft-Pak in real time with back office functions like route productivity, work orders, billing, and route follow-up completed instantly.

Mobile-Pak can be mounted in the cab for one-touch use or carried by the driver for mobility purposes. Drivers can easily take photos, update notes, and instantly verify additional services with two “click’s”. Truck locations are displayed via GPS (see Map Pak); thus providing customer service and dispatching with an easy views if individual truck routes.

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