LM310 In-Cab Computer for Cart Lifters on Rear Loader Trucks

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The LoadMan® LM310 is a precision instrument capable of running and controlling LoadMan’s Weigh-In-Motion Cart Lifter Weighing Systems. These Weighing Systems are usually mounted on vehicles that weigh residential carts in motion – as they are picked up, dumped, and lowered to the ground.

The LoadMan® system is completely automatic and the operator does not need to press any buttons or take any actions to obtain a weight reading. The 16 character display provides all the information needed to understand the status of the weighing system. For example, the meter automatically provides the following instruction displays during the weigh-in-motion process:

READY TO WEIGH The cart lifter arm is below the start of the weighing window and the system is ready to begin weighing.
WEIGHING LOAD Message while cart is lifted up through the weighing window.
GROSS WEIGHT Displays weight of the cart and its gross load weight.
DUMP LOAD Weighing is complete and load is ready to dump. The gross load weight measured going up is still displayed.
WEIGHING TARE Measuring the empty cart weight while cart is coming down.
NET WEIGHT Displays the computed net weight of the dumped material.
TRUCK Displays the accumulated load net weight that has been dumped into the truck.

The CART310 in-cab meter gathers the weight measurement from the cart lifter loadcells. It then processes this information to determine the weight of the cart plus its contents while going up (gross weight). Then, in the same manner, measures the tare weight of the cart going down. The difference between these two weights determines the net weight of the material that was dumped into the truck (NET).

All of this information is transmitted to the LM310 in-cab meter and displayed to the driver/operator. The load data record can wirelessly transmit to LoadMan’s Load Management Software if the data collection software is operating in the back office.

LoadMan’s Load Management Software allows remote tracking of trucks, drivers, customers, routes and products by account or job. Route lists are created with the software and downloaded to the LoadMan® meter. Any recorded load data and/or GPS position data in LoadMan’s data collection memory will be automatically transferred to the Load Management Software – without any prompting or intervention from the driver – whenever a wireless modem or wireless Bluetooth connection is established between the truck’s LM310 computer and the back office software.

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