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Anyone who is responsible for sustainability programs in their institution, municipality, business, university or military base should benefit from these postings to further their knowledge of sustainability best practices; especially for waste materials and their effects on environmental sustainability.

Notes on the EREF Waste Generation, Recovery, and Disposal Assessment
Although the research report published in September 2015 from the Environmental Research and Education Foundation (EREF) sheds a positive light on the recycling economy and progress, there are interesting statistics that dispute some of the EPA MSW & Recycling 2015 Report statistics that we presented in our previous article, “Just how much waste is there?

Most notably, the EREF found that in 2013, the US produced 382 million tons of material solid waste; nearly 50% more than the 254 million tons reported by the EPA.  Or put another way, 6.6 lbs. waste per person per day.


Figure 1. US MSW Produced per Year

Furthermore, the EREF in-depth study reports 1637 landfills, compared to the 1802 estimated by the EPA.


Figure 2. US Number of Landfills Available

This article is not intended to support one study over the other.  The point being that no matter how the data is reported, estimated, sliced-and-diced, communities and businesses everywhere in the US must develop real and achievable sustainability plans. 

The next article will start focusing on the best-in-class methods for diverting waste to recycling and reuse.  The 2nd step in the path to a zero waste.

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