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LoadMan Inaugural Blog: by Larry Santi, President of Creative Microsystems Inc.

It’s a joy for me to introduce LoadMan’s inaugural blog. Our aim in launching this forum is to share insights, spark new ideas and generate discussion that will be valuable to your business. LoadMan serves multiple industries with different needs and requirements and I believe we can learn from each other – even outside of our own industries.

Let’s start with a topic that most everyone has an opinion on: Automation. It’s been an on-going debate since the industrial revolution. Is it good or bad? Does it create jobs or eliminate jobs? Increase or decrease productivity? From our perspective it is good if it improves the performance, profitability and provides a platform to improve customer service. This not only applies to our customers but also your customers.

We founded LoadMan on the premise that we could create a better way for companies who rely on trucks to run their businesses. With nearly 30 years’ experience and 20,000 installations across multiple industries, we’ve learned that automation is key. Whether you’re in the waste and recycling business, mining, construction, timber or even the military, streamlining and simplifying leads to higher productivity and greater contributions to the bottom line.

Even outside of our industries, companies are pushing the bounds in automation. Take, for example. We’ve come to expect that we order a product one day and it’s at our doorstep the next day – and we’re not paying exorbitant overnight shipping costs. How do they do it? It’s about automation. They have robots in many of their warehouses across the country to pull online orders and deliver to employees to speed up process.

At LoadMan, our goal is to supply automated robotic devices that measure the performance and profitability of your business with minimal effort or overhead. Measuring and visualizing your business performance simply is the first step to improving your performance and profitability.

As our businesses become more and more complex, we do need automation. Companies who are not embracing technology will likely fall further and further behind. Take a look at your business and consider how new and advancing technologies can help you build your company’s future.

We welcome your opinions along with any ideas for future topics.

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