Weight Management Systems - Truck Scales

LoadMan offers the complete on-board weight management solution.


Durable & rugged loadcell sensors that can be installed on nearly any sized commercial vehicle – from 25 yard refuse trucks, to 300 ton mining haulers.


High precision electronics that compute payloads with greater than 99% accuracy on average.

In-Cab Displays

Interactive in-cab displays provide operators with all the weight information they need – payload, truck, trailer, axle groups & steer axle – gross weight, net weight or load weight. Plus the display meter comes with built-in utilities that provide information displays that assist with customer & route information.

Wireless Connectivity

For virtually any application – from GSM, to CDMA, to Bluetooth.

LoadMan Load Management Software

For tracking trucks, drivers, routes and customers – Now featuring Google Maps.

And LoadMan won't leave you hanging after the sale. LoadMan is supported by a worldwide sales team of dealers and VAR's that back all their work with certified service and support.

Loadman Truck Scales

LoadMan offers the complete on-board weight management solution

The LoadMan LM200 Weight Display is a powerful, compact multifunction instrument, designed specifically for on-board weighing applications.

Weight Display for Truck Scales
  • Backlit LCD Display provides display of:
    • Gross, Net and Load weights
    • Truck, Trailer, Axle group and Steer Axle weights
    • Date and time
  • Optional route information
  • GPS location capability for tracking trucks, drivers, customer locations and products
  • Wireless communication to back office management, including:
    • Bluetooth
    • CDMA or GSM


Read here for LoadMan's Conflict Material Policy

  • Cast aluminum enclosure with rubberized, sealed keypad for operator data entry
  • Powered by DC truck power; includes 20' 2-Wire harness with inline fuse holder
  • Serial RS232 Data Output standard, optional Bluetooth and Cellular communications available
  • Self-diagnostics electronics – provides easy troubleshooting of system components and operating voltages
  • Seamless integration with Load Data Collection and GPS Tracking Software
Display for Truck Scales


LoadMan's Loadcells use a patented technique that measures the weight and bending forces in the exact center of the steel. Other's loadcells cannot. So what does that mean to you? Superior, Consistent, and Repeatable Accuracy.

LoadMan Loadcells are custom designed to fit your truck. You don't customize your truck to fit our loadcells. We work closely with our dealers and customers to evaluate and specify a load cell interface before recommending an optimized custom design.

  • LoadMan Loadcells are custom designed to fit your truck. You don't customize your truck to fit our loadcells.
  • Industry leader in providing accurate, durable systems – greater than 99% accurate on average.
  • Patented Axial Precision Technology for superior and consistent measurement accuracy.

How They Work.

All our loadcells utilize bonded foil Wheatstone bridge strain gage sensing elements. The strain gages change electrical resistance when the cell is slightly deformed by load. Thus, deformation produces a voltage output signal that is proportional to the load.

This signal is highly repeatable providing a measurement of weight and force analysis. Loadcell technology provides valuable information that can be used to improve the efficiency and optimization of bulk hauling operations.

Loadcells for Truck Scales

Integrated Refuse Application

  • Prompts truck operator through automatic container weighing cycle
  • Weighs container through continuous motion – No STOP & WAIT necessary!
  • Weight of last container dump weight
  • Stop# and Time & Date
  • Optional Display Items
    • Account
    • Product
    • Problem Code
    • Custom Data Fields

Integrated Mining and Aggregate Application

  • Gross, Net and accumulated load weights
  • Steer/Drive Axle weights
  • Weight of last load recorded
  • Stop# and Time & Date
  • Optional Display Items
    • Blend Recipe
    • Commodity
    • Material Pile
    • Custom Data Fields


Smartracker GPS Vehicle Tracker

LoadMan SmartTracker is a simple unit with GPS tracking and Bluetooth wireless communication for vehicle tracking and reporting. Combine this with LoadMan's Fleet Management Software, and you have a simple and powerful tool for tracking all of your vehicle assets and generating custom service & asset reports.

Loadman SmartTracker for Truck Scales

LoadMan Remote

LoadMan Remote combines a handy HP iPAQ personal organizer, Bluetooth remote connectivity, and LoadMan software to allow remote (outside the vehicle) viewing of vehicle load weights obtained from a LoadMan vehicle weight measurement.

Loadman Remote for Truck Scales

SmashBox Control Box

Sometimes you'll need to manage a loading from outside the cab or want a quick and easy way to record a load while in the cab. The LoadMan SmashBox Control Box gives you that simple control capability. It's as easy as two buttons – Red to zero the scale, and Green to record a load.

Loadman Smashbox for Truck Scales

Scoreboard Displays

For remote viewing at mines, steel mills or quarries, LoadMan offers highly visible scoreboard displays for easy display of load data, truck ID, commodity ID, etc.

Loadman Scoreboards for Truck Scals
Available in 4 inch & 10 inch displays

Barcode Reader

Just connect to an LM200 serial port – either RS232 or Bluetooth wireless – and you can easily scan your route sheet for account names, products & services and more with LoadMan's Barcode Wand. And you can create those route sheets & printed bar codes with LoadMan's Fleet Management Software.






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